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Archery Tips

Archery is defined as the art, practice, or skill of shooting bow and arrow. It is a simple skill to pick-up but a hard one to master. In this article, I will provide you with some archery tips that will allow you to understand how to shoot a bow with greater accuracy.

Form is one of the most important factors in archery, and it takes time to perfect. In the simplest way, archery form can be summed up as the following: Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, weight even on both legs, perpendicular to the target. Put your arms up straight as to form a T and look at the target, then touch your face with your drawing hand.
While a very simplistic description, it is the foundation on which all archery techniques and form are built, and it will take you further than you can imagine.
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Archery Tips to Get Rid of Target Panic

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Archery Tips for Target Panic

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Archery Lessons: Archery Release Activation Techniques

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I made an earlier archery lessons post about the types of archery release available and provided you with some information about them, but I did not cover how they work and how you actually activate them. A piece of advice for beginners though: Start off without a release and learn how to shoot a bow [...]

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Archery Lessons: The Archery Release

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In the series of archery lessons, this article will provide and cover information related to the archery release. It is most common to think of fingers holding the bowstring, but many people who shoot compound bows use a mechanical release device to hold and then release the bowstring when it is time to fire the [...]

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Archery Tips: How to Stop Hitting Your Arm

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One of the most common and annoying things that a beginner archer experiences when shooting a bow is having the string slash the bow arm. This article will provide you with the necessary archery tips to help you solve the problem. The issue comes from the string not going straight back to its original position. [...]

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Archery Lessons: Archery Stances

October 10, 2010 Archery Lessons

Stance is one of the basic and most important parts of correct archery form. It is the first step to shooting an arrow, and so is one of the first things taught in archery lessons. The importance of stance in archery comes from the fact that a correct stance allows the archer to both distribute [...]

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Archery Lessons: The Mental Checklist

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An often overlooked part of archery lessons is that of the mental checklist. I provided earlier some archery tips oriented towards beginners to try and improve their shooting technique, and now I will show you how a mental checklist or program might be one of the missing links in perfecting your form. Focus and concentration [...]

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Youth Archery: How to Get Started

September 23, 2010 Youth Archery

It is natural for kids to become interested in archery. It is prevalent on TV, in movies, and in books. It’s also a relatively popular sport in many places. If you’re a parent that participates in archery, it will be natural that your kids will want to try it too, but before you give them [...]

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Archery Tips: Strength Training For Archery

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Archery is not as physically demanding as some other sports, but archers can benefit from more than just regular archery tips. Being a good archer requires more than just a good eye; it also demands powerful shoulders, back, arms, and grip. This can be achieved through some simple strength training. Archery lessons rarely cover strength [...]

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Archery Lessons: Anchor Points

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One of the most important concepts taught in archery lessons is that of anchor points. In addition, whenever a beginner seeks some archery tips, they are always mentioned. To understand the advantages of anchor points, we need to first define them: “An anchor point is defined as the place on an archer’s body, usually the [...]

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